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9. December 2013, 04:12
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Bin im moment gar nicht in der Stimmung viele Kommentare abzugeben, deswegen nur kurz eine Zusammenfassung der Zusammenfassung:

HG2 gibts nicht im diesem Jahr, das Entwicklerteam dafür hat gekündigt oder wurde gekündigt weil das bisherige Ergebnis nicht gut war.

Quelle HGaus:

[quote author=thegreatcthulhu link=topic=4325.msg52604#msg52604 date=1386534309]
The source - http://news.mt.co.kr/mtview.php?no=2013120418508110833

The story (translated from Korean via Google):

Hanbit Soft, one of the core lineup of mobile games 'Hell Gate 2' stranded crisis hit.

According to the 4th Hanbit Soft mobile game industry has recently "Hellgate 2 'was confirmed by the developers to break. Related to the development team leave the company, most known companies. Completeness and quality of the game fell short of initial expectations prove to be an internal one as the existing pool to clean up all the developers.

"Hell Gate 2 'is a collection of agents released in 2008 dwae PC online game" Hellgate London "as the official sequel, the core lineup of Hanbit Soft-anticipated game. First off the veil at the time of the end of last July had the Unreal Engine 3 Hanbit Soft subtle lighting effects through the superlative graphics and mobile armed implemented in the game as possible 'Hell Gate 2' was also introduced.

Hanbit Soft 'Hell Gate 2 "is not the position of the project is broken down completely. Company official said, "'Hell Gate 2" leaves the company, many of the developers stepped procedure is correct, but the developers are continuing to recruit a successor of the "said"' Hell Gate 'IP is unlikely to give up, "he atda motbak.

However, the recent dismantling of the developers face the reef tteurimyeonseo "Hellgate 2 'was the attitude is become opaque. Development will occur and the space was originally scheduled services within the year "Hellgate 2 'release date is expected to be difficult in the pledge.

[Daily reporter munyoungsu game mj@dailygame.co.kr]

I ran the Korean story through Google, Bing and "Babylon" to try and make more sense of it. From what I can gather (and what you may have gathered by just initially reading it):

- The game was slated to be part of their "core mobile game line up"

- The development team for Hellgate 2 has been either been completely laid off, quit of their own volition, or has had a substantial cut in staff. Regardless, they're now looking for new people.

- The reason they the above happened was because the game wasn't meeting their quality expectations.

- They still intend to complete the game, but obviously it will not be coming out this year as they had originally intended. They said they will announce a new release date, but they do not know when.

Again, if anyone here knows anyone who actually can read Hanguil/Korean, please see if you can get them to offer a better translation.

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