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17. April 2012, 09:51 - Nagahaku MOD 3.0
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Hallo Leute,

nach einiger Entwicklungszeit ist nun der Nagahaku-Mod mit neuen Skills uva. bei "Hellgate.aus" erschienen:

Nagahaku MOD 3.0 International

Finnally, my work finished. Link is here:


Earlier versions before were very premature and were only released in my community for some fun, 3.0 is my first attempt to make it international
Install this, you need Revival 1.5b launcher, you can find it here:
you will need both Hellgate London 1.2 patch and Multiplayer TCv4 Patch installed to make it functional, the way of installing is just the same as Revival 1.5b1

Since i still have to upload another install patch back in China (The Gov. Blocked dropbox's link, really sucks ), i may not have time to write a full discription list right now, but there is really a lot of things to say, now let me just post the most important part below, i believe my pre-releasing threads has said more about it ...

Nagahaku Features:
Game World
* Except a few quest location, most maps would spawn monsters of your own level.
* x2 Enemy amounts in starting maps, x3 in others, x5 in Hell and Acient Blood.
* Shield is now much more important in Nagahaku MOD, I have greatly increased the amount of shieldpoints everywhere in game, items, skills, affixes, everywhere.
* Neither items nor monsters is having any default shield overload bonus now, only with affixes they can have it.

* Starting skill removed, instead of a free skillpoint.
* 10 statpoints bonus per level
* Init statpoints increased from 75 to 100, arranged differently according to your class and gender.
* 10 free statpoints bonus at character create.
* There are some slight detail differences among classes and genders, for example, summoners move slower than other classes but with highest init powerpoint; male characters are faster when moving forward while females are faster when moving back or aside.
* Starting with 1 skill retrainer and 1 stat retrainer.
* Level cap at 100.
* Emmera's face and hairstyle available by replacing an "ugly" one, but the face is not exact Emmera, I erased the blue spot on her lip with Photoshop.
* For more details about players. just install and try them out

* Most TCv4 skills are imported or remade in Nagahaku MOD.
* Some "useless" skills are made global, helping you build new "factions"
* Some important undeveloped skills are revived in Nagahaku MOD.
* Some really "useless" or "unnecessary" skills are removed or mixed into others.
* You can now access every class' skilltrees, but can only learn your own, however if you get an item granted you a skill of another class, you can use it.
* Some attractive but fawled skills are remade into very effective ones.
* I also created a few new skills of my own.
* For more details about skills, just install and try them out

* All TCv4 weapons and armors are succesfully imported, including their unique versions.
* Most weapons have been arranged certain percentage of physical damage, except beam guns and lightning swords.
* Weapons and armors' levels are also cap at 100, even for MK1 versions, lower MK version weapons are not as powerful as higher ones in their base data.
* All MK1 version weapons and most early time swords without higher MK are universal for all classes to use.
* For shield, only small sized shields are universal, not determined by thier MK versions.
* TCv4 claw shaped focii are imported but as melee weapons, their skills are realocated into original focii like this:
Locus, Lens: Focus Item Scortch(a skill for focii but never used).
Axis, Prism: Original Focus Bolt.
Radiant: TCv4 Glyph Bolt.
Core, Darkclaw: TCv4 Ripshard Bolt.
Tentacle: TCv4 Bloodshard Bolt.
* Most weapons are rebalaced in many methods, I tried my best to make everything useful.
* Most named items now become Mutant quality and enhanced with random affixes on them, mutant items also included some original unique ones: Korean origined items with very different appearances, such as Yongkuang sword, because they are really "Mutanted".
* Story boss named items become unique ones, just like Revival 1.5b1.
* Shield penetration would not appear on any item with its quality lower than mutant(named), unique and mythic, for default properties, i shifted them into shield overload.
* For more details about items, just install and try them out

* New champion monster system built accroding to Diablo II:
Champion(Blue): Original Rare monsters, nothing different.
Berserker(Red): Faster movement, melee, firing and casting speed.
Zealot(Green): Shield penetrating.
Ghostly(Light Blue): Immune to physical, add 50% spectral damage, but very, very slow.
Possessed(Purple): Immune to ALL debuff effects, stronger strength and high HP.
Lengendary(Orange): High HP and damage bonus, also have random names (just like HGG's Mutant Monsters).
Unique(Yellow) and Named(Dark Yellow): Greatly stronger in HP and damage, they are all kinds of higher or lower bosses.
* Lyra's Reaper quest boss has been fixed, it was a god damned shock minion in original game!!!
* New Monsters: 3 kinds of reapers, 2 kinds of fiend masters, and pitbarons would spawn in Hell and Acient Blood.
* A new reaper boss: Grim Spectre is ruling Acient Blood, he is flying in the sky and dropping bombs at you, you have to firstly shot him down, then he will chase you on ground, after you kill him on land, he will loot Moloch's Treasures. After when Moloch finnally imported in later updates, i will change his loot into other things.
* Most monsters would have at least one immune affix, might be a certain type of damage or effect, this would be meaning that you cannot use one weapon ruling the game every time.
* First kill limit removed on bosses and named monsters, easier for farming.
* Named boss monsters for certain maps have 100% chance to spawn.
* Quest Bosses never respawn would be arranged to spawn elsewhere, Gulkar in Little Britain, The Brain in Patternoster Row, 314 in Exospecter, Wurm in Big Gun Down and Blood Blade in Mark Lane Station.
* For more details about monsters, just install and try them out

* For those bonusing statpoit, you can now get 5 from them instead of one.

Issues or Bugs
* Some quest related monster's leveling.
* Grammar or spelling mistakes in English.
* Unknown ones that waiting to be reported by all you guys
* Since HG:L Does not have an independent animation for lefthand melee, i have to do something to make the two high righthand priority weapons working fine, so i forcely arranged focci to lefthand, that would make swords never go left. But this makes you cannot equip focus and shield at the same time, but this is what all I can do, sorry
* There is some terrible looking animations when you anchoring shooting a two hand gun, or waving a sword in tactical stance, i CAN fix this, but not now, maybe next time.