28. April 2014, 00:41 - Presenting Second Wind EU Starcraft 2 Team!
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I present you the Second Wind Starcraft 2 Team!
(our logo might still change)

About us:
We're an up and rising multigaming Clan (Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, CS:GO) with a lot of potential!
We plan to do a lot of Vods/Shows/Content in the future!
We even have a Stream System that shows which of our streams are online on our main website and if there is at least one online it will pick one at random and show it in big screen.

Our Starcraft 2 Achievements:
- Team exists since 2011 (former Northern Darkness) and we have become like a family
- We try to get into first league in sc2cl. We are currently in League 2b! http://starcraft2.ingame.de/sc2cl/?m...divisionId=381

Our Hearthstone Achievements:
2ndW-Karmoth wins against Savjz for 20$
Karmoth was actually rank 1 on EU a few days ago!
Karmoth only needed 1 more win to qualify for hearthstone.2p.com EU vs CN Top16!

2ndW-Fra3nky won the Topdeck EU Battlecry #1 for 30$

2ndW-TheDNA was rank 4 top100

We have multiple top100 EU Season finishes.

Want to Join?
If you've got this far, then you're interested in joining our Starcraft 2 Squad: Great let us tell you what we can offer you!

As a member of Second Wind you will instantly become a part of a thriving starcraft and esports community, with helpful and friendly members to train with and against in furthering your own skills. With this team atmosphere comes our team channels, with youtube and twitch services offering you a way to build exposure and release videos whenever you fancy through our youtube team. We also offer a website, with forums for internal and public access where you will be able to debate strategies and learn more about the games we all love, as well as extraneous blogs and fun content.

If you are interested in join our clan feel free to submit an application using this form.

- All applicants must be at least 18 years old.
- You must own a working microphone
- You must use skype
- No Casual Players
- Speak and write decent English.

Estimated Skill Range: (former) Master - Grandmaster

- Have fun together
- Make strategies together by testing against each other
- Play in Team Leagues
- Climb the Ladder together
- Share & Discuss & Test Strategies
- Streams/Videos: Commentated Games, Educational videos, ...

Want to join?
Fight us!
Contact us!

The sc2 squad had problems lately, we had to release some players. but we really want to step our clan activities mainly in the sc2cl team league where we are able to play very good players. Two weeks ago one of our players got matched to vega JohnyRecco. We truely have players taking games and sometimes even beating good master and gms in Bo 3 series in turnament environment. We dont have master players now but ask yourself how many players get demoted from masters ... 80-90% every season. i am confident 2 players will get master when they have time to put some ladder games really soon, in the matter of weeks maybe 3.

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