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19. December 2014, 20:35
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Was sit denn in der CTE grad los?
Alles nur Shanghai conqest small server, wirklich alle, das gab es bis
jetzt auch noch nicht so.

Neuer CTE Patch:

Sehr viele fixes, Air Coreplay auch wieder was dabei

THIS RELEASE: Continuing work on air gameplay – Lots of damage multiplier adjustments, tv-missile (and other) damage is now at its correct first pass value.
Jet cannons now have similar DPS vs other jets with 20mm being anti-heli high velocity, 25mm anti infantry and 30mm anti vehicle(unarmored) low velocity. I’ve also touched the Railgun and SRAW in an attempt to make them less frustrating for pilots.
MAA tweaks will be coming soon!

Known Issue:
Some weapons that got new multipliers or damage changes won’t damage certain destructible assets in the world.

In todays update:

Manual SRAW turning reduced
Manual SRAW range reduced
SRAW inner blast radius increased
SRAW blast damage reduced
Laser Designated SRAW damage reduced
Jet launchers to 1/1 with shorter reload instead of 2/0
StealthJets have slight reduction in nose up\down speed
StealthJet Belt Feeder now functions on all cannon types (This will be fixed on other vehicles soon)
Jet and chopper cannons now inherit speed which should fix the predictive sight being inaccurate
Lots of changes to multipliers, jets now have separate multipliers for 20,25,30, GAU to allow for more fine tuning
HeliTOW resupply increased to 16s
JDAM given more gravity and higher top speed (it hits faster)
Reduced acceptance angle on smart rockets by .5
No vehicle collision time removed from TV missile

Railgun changes
Sadly, we messed up a little here – bear with us, these were the proposed changes, (nerfs & buffs), but only the buff made it into this build. Still wanted you guys to know the nerfs ARE coming here..

Railgun ammo increased
Railgun impulse reduced
Railgun damage reduced
Railgun blast radius decreased

This release has a bunch of updates:

Squad Obliteration (FKA Obliteration Competitive)
Added timestamp data to spectator mode in Tabletop view
Removed points for picking up bomb as you can drop itDawnbreaker: disabled awning ramps
Solider Optics reticule improvements
Added Soldier optic preview when tweaking colors
Tweaked the color creation to closer match real world usage.
Red Dot textures are now higher quality (same assets, gen4/PC)
Fix for not dropping a battlepickup when in range of a vehicle or other interaction
Fixed an issue where textures would flicker when streamed in on Xbox One
Hainan Resort: Bullet collision mega-update. Hotel now has proper bullet collision.
Hangar 21: Reduced volume of ambient big world haunting distant owl. faded in/out of asset a bit more smoothly, Fixed two broken sound areas (stairs inside gas tank room, trench near the satellite)
Fixed CS5 reload audio by matching the sync properly
Fixed UTS 15 (UTAS) shotgun reload looping issue, and Dao-12 dito
Fixed issue where 3P shotgun reload sounds was inaudible
Paracel Storm: Improved collision on trailer object
Hammerhead: Improved destruction collision on Gen4 for warehouse building
Sunken Dragon: Improved collision on restaurant floor near center hole
Lumphini Garden: Optimized collision for pipestack object, removed one instance that caused players to get stuck to a wall, improved mud decal art
Propaganda: Fixed corner building glass collision
Fixed an audio issue where sound could get “deadlocked” when firing primary weapons at the same time as an audio update took place
Improved timings for READY HUD icon for heatseekers
Lost Island: Fixed glitch where the cave had no collision in the ceiling (no more little bird camping in there),
Fixed a crash related to Squad Join
Fixed an issue in Friend join that sometimes would not work if the user previously had played SP
Fixed an issue with endless black loading screens

Final Stand fixes now on the CTE as well (in sync with retail):

Updated ESN dogtags to show new name UPRISE
Fixed right line of Scout helicopter HUD being too short
Tweaked ranges on vehicle IRNV/FLIR Effects
Lancang Dam: Addressed collision for consolate office building near stairwell
Dawnbreaker: Fixed issue where players were unable to deploy Radio beacon, MAV and similar gadgets on the boardwalk located north from the water and south from objective C, Fixed collision for bridge (http://i.imgur.com/Ojnyzct.png)
Siege of Shanghai: Fixed issue where players were unable to throw grenades/use UCAV on the roof
Operation Locker: Fixed collision issue with the arching wall
Fixed a bug with Parachute Camo not being selectable
Hainan Resort: Improved collision of hotel post destruction
Fixed collision on Terrace objects (http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=n1319w&s=8#.VBeGCPl_t8E)
Fixed collision on truck object (http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=5bya38&s=8#.VBeGEvl_t8E)
Sunken Dragon: Fixed several collision issues with the Sunken Dragon Restaurant and buildings
Propaganda: Improved collision for destructible flagstatue, and removed red particla
Rogue Transmission: Fixed collision for railing, construction building and made poles desrtuctible when tanks run over them
Operation Metro: Fix for the C4 kills through floor kills near B, added destruction to entrance glass doors
Fix for tracers showing post hit
Adding faction support for Parachute Camo
Fixed a crash bug related to occlusion system
Pearl Market: Fixed issue with a hole in the world near CN base, Fixed collision issue below flag E hindering the player to jump over the scaffold
Zavod 311: Fixed bullet collision on top of roof, floating c4 on servicelamp, fixed bad grenade collision, Fixed a collision issue on the radio tower, fixed floating tower issue, improved collision to pipeline object and trains
Corrected the estonian flag dog tag
Lumphini Garden: Fixed collision for large sign bridging buildings, green tint on station building, Refined post levolution collision, Fixed issue with c4 on glass, Fixed road splines to line up better with terrain, Improved collision on destroyed railtrack pieces
Camo on soldier now persist correctly between rounds
Fix for a sound issue where one layer would continously loop
Fix for an issue where TV missiles spawned two instances sometimes

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